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Updated: Indiana’s Class of 2023 Through 2025 Prospects

Below are the updated primary known Indiana basketball targets and others on the radar in the classes of 2022, 2023 and beyond.

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Last update:  June 11, 2020

CLASS OF 2022 

For the class of 2022, all of our content has been moved to the HOT BOARD


Offers (Shown in order of offers)

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Gibbs-Lawhorn is a 6-foot-1 guard from Lafayette, Ind.  Indiana offered in September, 2020.

Fears, Jr. is a 6-foot-2 guard from Joliet, Ill.   Indiana offered in June, 2021.

Prospects (in no particular order)

  • Jalen Hooks (6-foot-6 forward, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Kaleb Glenn (6-foot-6 forward, Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Jeremy Fears (6-foot-3 guard, Joliet, Illinois)
  • Xavier Booker (6-foot-10 forward, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Reed Sheppard (6-foot-3 guard, North Laurel, Kentucky)
  • Gabe Cupps (6-foot-1 guard, Centerville, Ohio)
  • Taylor Bol Bowen (6-foot-9 forward, Rhode Island)
  • Gus Yalden (6-foot-9 forward, Wisconsin)
  • Maki Johnson (6-foot-4 guard, West Virginia)
  • Carter Lang (6-foot-10 forward, Charlottesville, Virginia)
  • Kwame Evans, Jr. (6-foot-9 forward, Baltmore, Maryland)
  • Amire Robinson (6-foot-3 guard, Ohio)
  • Cyr Malonga (6-foot-11 center, Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Austin Parks (6-foot-10 center, Ohio)
  • Darrion Brooks (6-foot-4 guard, New Haven, Indiana)
  • Lawrent Rice (6-foot-3 guard, Dayton, Ohio)
  • Chase Clemmons (6-foot guard, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • George Washington III (6-foot-2 guard, Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Taison Chatman (6-foot-3 guard, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Kanaan Carlyle (6-foot guard, Alpharetta, Georgia)
  • Ashton Williamson (6-foot-2 guard, Gary, Indiana)
  • Jermaine Coleman (6-foot-7 forward, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Jayden Lemond (6-foot-3 guard, New Jersey)
  • Jayden Pinkston (6-foot-4 guard, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Joey Brown (6-foot-5 guard, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Logan Imes (6-foot-3 guard, Zionsville, Indiana)
  • AJ Dancler (6-foot-1 guard, Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Joey Hart (6-foot-5 guard, Linton, Indiana)
  • JaQualon Roberts (6-foot-6 forward, Bloomington, Indiana)
  • Dellquan Warren (6-foot guard, Pennsylvania)
  • Rayvon Griffith (6-foot-4 guard, Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Javonte (“JJ”) Taylor (6-foot-8 forward, Chicago, Illinois)
  • Rodney Gallagher (6-foot guard, Pennsylvania)
  • Marlon Barnes (6-foot-6 forward, Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Matas Buzelis (6-foot-8 forward, Illinois)
  • Reid DuCharme (6-foot-5 guard, Massachusetts)
  • RJ Taylor (6-foot guard, Grand Blanc, Michigan)


  • Brauntae Johnson (Indiana – Fort Wayne North)
  • Morez Johnson, Jr. (Chicago – St. Rita)
  • Dellquan Warren (Pennsylvania – Erie)
  • Jacob Theodosiou (Canada)
  • Gabe Grant (Maryland – Owings Mills)
  • William Jobe (Georgia – Frederica Academy)


  • Jeremiah Fears (Joliet, Ill.)
  • Jalen Haralson (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  • Trent Sisley (Lincoln City, Ind.)
  • Icare Bakadisula (Pittsburgh, Penn.)

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