Live Blog: Checking in on IU basketball prospects at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam

The Daily Hoosier is in North Augusta, S.C. on Thursday and Friday for the annual Nike EYBL Peach Jam.  Some of the prospects we’ll be keeping an eye on include:

2023s:  T.J. Power, DeShawn Harris-Smith, Coen Carr, Arrinten Page (not expected to play).

2024s:  Dylan Harper, James Brown, Nojus Indrusaitis, Yves Missi, Boogie Fland, Derrion Reed, Labaron Philon.

2025s:  Jalen Haralson, Trent Sisley, Tyler McKinley.


This story will be updated regularly.  Follow along for updates.

First up is 2024 point forward Liam McNeeley of Drive Nation.

McNeeley calls himself a point forward and that’s a legit description. He has guard handles both in transition and the half court, but he’s 6-foot-7 and plays with the physicality of a power forward.

McNeeley with a couple threes, one on the catch and shoot, one off the bounce in transition.

Indiana assistant Brian Walsh here now watching McNeeley.

I really like how well McNeeley can attack going left, and what a willing passer he is. He always seems to make the right read.

McNeeley finishes with 20 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

A Texas product, McNeeley tells me his current plan is to use one of his junior year official visits at Indiana.


IU assistant Yasir Rosemond here watching 2024 forward Derrion Reid of TSF. Oh, also LeBron James here watching his son.

Brian Walsh in the next gym over watching 2024s Yves Missi and Boogie Fland of PSA.

First time seeing Reid. About 6-7, runs the floor, physical, can make threes with a nice looking stroke. Easy to see the appeal. More background:

Reid handles it well for his size. Easy to see how he could develop into a three at the high major level.

Caught up with Reid briefly after his game. Said he is well aware of Indiana’s crazy fans.

Both Rosemond and Walsh now watching Missi and Fland.


Rosemond now watching 2024 point guard Labaron Philon, an Alabama product they’ve been watching but haven’t offered to this point. He plays for the NightRydas program out of Florida that produced Malik Reneau.


Brian Walsh and Yasir Rosemond here to watch 2023 guard DeShawn Harris-Smith.

Harris-Smith plays for Team Takeover, which produced Victor Oladipo.

Crazy atmosphere as both programs’ younger teams have formed dualing cheer sections.

Tough first half for Harris-Smith, just 1-7 from the field with a few turnovers.

DHS with a couple threes in the game. He’s a very good rebounding guard. He doesn’t seem to like to go right, however. He finished with 13 points and 12 rebounds.


Finished with watching TJ Power. Walsh and Rosemond were there as well. Power had 8 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, went 0-6 from three.

Power told me he definitely noticed IU having 4 coaches there yesterday. I will have a separate story with the latest on his recruitment.

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