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How You Can Support The Daily Hoosier

In October 2017 we started on a journey.  We were frustrated with expensive subscription sites that really didn’t produce premium content, and tired of jumping all over the internet for various information on all the different IU sports.  We sensed that the main sites covering the IU beat were going through the motions, just doing a job and churning out the same predictable content.  We noticed that many of the main sites were owned by big global corporations like Gannett Company, CBS, and Vox Media.

If you share our passion for IU and believe that there should be a site with great content that is comprehensive, free, and owned by a small business then please consider supporting us.  As you can imagine, the site is not free to run. There are site hosting fees, travel costs, marketing costs, and content subscription fees to name a few.  Of course there is a substantial amount of time and effort involved as well.

There are several ways that you can support us and most of them are free and quite simple:

  1. Disable Ad-blockers for this site.  Please whitelist us if you use any ad-blocking plug-ins or applications.  We earn very tiny fees merely from you seeing the ads.  Please let us know if you feel like the ads are overwhelming the site.
  2.  Yes, you know you love them.  Why not funnel all of your Amazon activity through a small business?  While we don’t earn anything if you just click their ads, we DO earn a commission for anything you buy on Amazon if you go through their ads that are displayed on our site.  You don’t have to buy what you see in the ads — anything you buy on your visit from our site will earn us a commission.
  3. Support the Advertisers.  For any other ads on the site we earn referral fees if you click on them.  These ads are produced by Google and should generally be safe.  Just don’t click on anything that isn’t consistent with your values or that you otherwise don’t feel good about.
  4. Buy IU Tickets.  The menu at the top of our site has affiliate links to Seat Geek.  If you buy your IU tickets using those links we earn a commission.
  5. Buy IU Apparel.  There are also links at the top and along the sides of our site to buy IU apparel and books.  Once again, we earn a commission if you complete a transaction using those links.
  6. Make a Donation.  If you share our vision and would like to more directly support our cause you can make a cash donation through PayPal via the button below.  If you want to go this route don’t hesitate to do so along with a request or charter for the site such as your recommendations on how we can make it better.

    We thank you for your interest and support.  We welcome your feedback at