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IU basketball recruiting: Q&A with 2023 wing Jamie Kaiser

Class of 2023 wing Jamie Kaiser is one of the fastest-risings prospects in the class of 2023.

Hailing from Virginia, Kaiser attends Bishop Ireton H.S. and plays on the Adidas 3SSB circuit with New World.

Indiana offered the 6-foot-6 Kaiser earlier this month, and we caught up with him as he embarks on the process of evaluating a wave of new interest and choosing a college destination.

Here’s our full Q&A with Kaiser:

TDH:  This has to have been a very exciting couple of months for you.  What has it been like to “blow up” like you have here of late?

Kaiser — It’s been awesome, because I feel like it’s just so fulfilling to know that all of my hard work has been paying off, all those nights in the gym, hours, and miles on the track.  I am just glad it’s paying off.  If I was in a different situation it might not have, so I’m just glad.

TDH:  What do you mean by that, “in a different situation”

Kaiser — If I was on a different team, or if COVID would have just popped up and the tournaments weren’t available.

TDH:  I know you just recently gave up football.  What went into that decision?

Kaiser — It was really hard because my dad played football, all of his family played, and I played my whole life pretty much.  But I just like basketball way more.  It made me happier, and I knew I could play for longer too.

(TDH Note:  Kaiser had multiple Division One football offers.)

TDH:  Give me your self scout.  How would you describe your game?

Kaiser —  A big guard who really likes to get after it on defense.  A can make pretty much any shot, deep three, regular three, catch-and-shoot, off the dribble.  I’ve been really getting into the mid-range and getting to my spots, and I can post up little guards.  I need to work on my ball handling, but I’m able to get to my spots and get my shot up pretty much whenever I want, and get to the free throw line as needed too.

TDH:  With your size and physicality, do you know much about the Big Ten, and do you feel like it is possibly a good fit?

Kaiser — Yeah, I’ve been talking to my dad about that a lot.  He’s like ‘you have a Big Ten body, you’re 6-6, you can shoot, the Big Ten is probably your money maker.’  I’ve been looking at those schools, and I appreciate them they’ve been looking at me too and they appreciate my talents.  I’ve been getting offers left and right from that conference.  That’s kind of where I think I’ll make my money.

(TDH Note:  Kaiser has Big Ten offers from Illinois, Maryland and Wisconsin in addition to IU.)

TDH:  How far back does your communication with Indiana go?

Kaiser — I started talking to Coach (Brian) Walsh a few weeks ago, and then I started talking to Coach (Kenya) Hunter a little bit, and then it just started going from there.

TDH:  How did Indiana find you and what did they say they liked about your game?

Kaiser — I think they recruited Tyrell Ward and then they’re recruiting my teammate (on New World) Khani Rooths.  So they’ve been real familiar with the program, and I started playing well and they said I fit what they need in their system, and Coach Hunter started reaching out after Coach Walsh, and I’ve been talking to him for a while, and then I was able to talk to Coach Woodson.

TDH:  Tell us about your conversation with Mike Woodson?  What was your impression of him?

Kaiser — He was like ‘I’ve been watching a lot film,’ and he was really excited because he likes people who put it on the deck.  My impression of him was he was from the NBA, so he’s not going to feed a line, he’s going to be straight up and honest because he doesn’t benefit from telling lies.  So I appreciate him being up front.  He’s a professional guy.

TDH:  Indiana has a couple guards in their classes who are both a shorter than you.  Is their message that they want more length to go with shooting to fill out the 2023 class?

Kaiser — Yeah, definitely.  They said with the other two guards in the class, I’d be like the three, and I can stretch the floor and also go into the paint with my big body.

TDH:  What do you know about the Indiana basketball program?

Kaiser — It’s real historic.  My dad used to live in Detroit and he was a big Isiah Thomas fan, so he kept me studying Isiah Thomas and I understand he went to Indiana and he won there.  And then they had great guys come in from high school like Damon Bailey, and all those guys.

TDH:  Do you feel like Indiana is making you a priority?

Kaiser — Yeah I’ve been talking to them almost every day.

TDH:  Tell me about your visit plans.

Kaiser — I am going to take an unofficial to George Mason and an official to Virginia, so that leaves two more spots open for my junior year officials, and then I can start fresh back in the fall (with senior year officials).  I’ve talked to Indiana about setting up a visit, maybe sometime soon in one of those two open slots that I have left for my junior year.

TDH:  What are the key things you are focusing on and looking at from the schools that are recruiting you?

Kaiser — How comfortable I am, meeting them in person, and seeing if I can tell if they are honest.  I know genuine people when I see them, so I feel like just getting on campus and talking to people and looking in their eyes is going to be big for me because then I’ll actually know and narrow down my decision.  People come and go, and I just want to stick with good people.

TDH:  Have you thought about a timeline for committing to a school?

Kaiser — I would like to commit before my school year starts, so sometime in August or early September.

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