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Dear Archie: Our Nostalgic IUBB Untouchables, and Some Things We Could do Without

— The Daily Hoosier, October 30, 2017 —

Irrespective of where you stand on the “Is IU still a blue blood” debate, there is no debating that the program has many iconic traditions.  New coaches often understandably come in and wish to put their own stamp on a program.  Here at The Daily Hoosier, we humbly contend that there are a few IU basketball traditions that should be deemed untouchable.  Archie Miller certainly strikes us as someone who has an appreciation for the traditions and pageantry of college basketball.  With one preseason game in the books we like what we see so far, but to be on the safe side we’ve developed a list of the program untouchables and a few other things that we wouldn’t miss too much if they vanished.

The Untouchables

  • The.  Candy.  Stripes.  Did we really even need to say it?  They’ve become more than just a basketball tradition.  They are a mainstay in the fashion wardrobe of fans, and have leaked into the uniforms of other Hoosier teams, including the football team.  They are so popular that we’ve even noticed a few local barbers using them to generate business.  Ok, maybe we have that last one backwards.
  • The uniforms.  Another one that goes without saying.  No names on the back, no tweaks, no changes whatsoever.
  • The student section.  If you’ve ever been to a game when the students aren’t there and compared that to when they are — then you know the student section needs to be left in tact, if not enhanced.  We’d argue that the alumni need to be booted from the bleachers opposite the band, but understand that there are likely some important economics at play there.  For now we humbly request that the alumni step up their game a bit.  And while we’re at it with the student section — no nicknames please.  It is the largest and loudest in the country.  It speaks for itself.
  • The 2nd half under 8 minute time out.  Also known as the William Tell Overture.  As the video states, it is the best timeout in college basketball.


Time To Go

  • The big heads.  This may not be a popular opinion, but the big heads cheapen up the Hall.  Our atmosphere is electric on its own and doesn’t require gimmicks.  Marquette may have needed them to help generate enthusiasm.  We don’t.  Early indications from the Marian exhibition game are that these are a goner.
  • The special 1976 banner.  Another addition to the Hall that had a gimmicky feel.  The last thing the 1976 team is gimmicks.  Their accomplishments require no further explanation.  Take it down.
  • The pause in the UK series.  Most of us by now have heard about the Calipari/Miller relationship.  It forces you to rethink your opinion of the Kentucky coach, at least on some level.  We don’t need the UK series, but its good for college basketball, both sides want it, and it is sad that petty differences seemingly ended this great series.  Ideally the teams would come to each other’s campus periodically but if Calipari won’t budge on that then just get it done for the sake of the series and the game.