Watch: Mike Woodson discusses loss to Syracuse plus transcript

Watch as Indiana head coach Mike Woodson talks with the media after a 112-110 double overtime loss to Syracuse on Tuesday night at the Carrier Dome.

The full transcript follows the video.

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I guess not just the way the adjustments worked but how pleased were you with the way your team has absorbed the halftime adjustments once you got into them at halftime that kind of sparked that second half?

WOODSON:  Well again I mean we played I thought we played so out of character in the first half in terms of I thought we were scared I mean I hate to use that word, I mean unforced turnovers I mean we just kept giving them the ball the first half something that we haven’t seen I mean we’ve seen some zones and and not to take anything away from their zone you know  they trap when the ball goes into the deep corners and that was basically it but we just couldn’t figure it out the first half and I thought we made the adjustments the second half and things were smooth and we ended up getting back in the game and made a game out of it.

In your eyes is this more about you know you made kind of an epic comeback you really show what you can do or is itmore about mistakes kind of cost you a chance to get a win?

WOODSON:  Well again I mean we have 20 some turnovers you know my whole approach coming out of the road the first thing I told these guys you can’t turn the ball on you know you got to give yourself opportunities to score the ball and you know that was a problem for us tonight you know and in critical times but for the most part I’m happy with the fight though you know they didn’t quit uh this team’s got a lot of grit and you know we just gotta learn from this. I gotta help them get over the hump this is a game that you know I thought we had our chances to win and I couldn’t get them over the hump tonight

Mike you needed Parker and Miller to have big games tonight and they both played really well hit big shots, how did you feel about their performance?

WOODSON:  I mean we got solid play from everybody you know I thought our bench struggled I thought with Geronimo coming in the early mistakes that he made you know I got to get our bench back going again because it’s going to be critical as we move into the Big Ten in terms of are sustaining our play at a high level you know we got to have our bench play.

At the end of the first overtime I know you’re down to Khristian he’s kind of your third string point guard two guys foul out, what were you looking for there and did he kind of hesitate too much or what do you think went wrong with that?

WOODSON:  Well again it wasn’t so much Khristian it was what we designed they didn’t run and then we came back with the same play and Miller ends up getting fouled at the top of the key and had to go make three it was the same play and you know again it comes down to execution again we’re we’re a new team and they’re trying to figure me out when I’m putting things on the board and but I got to do a better job in helping him.

What were your thoughts when when Trayce went down and then and then just all of a sudden he comes
he pops up off the bench and says he wants to go back in?

WOODSON:  Well again I knew when we went over there he had banged knees he said he had banged knees so that’s a big sense of relief you know nothing real serious so he just had to go regroup and then he came back so that was a great sign for us.

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