Rutgers’ Paul Mulcahy tried to trip Trayce Jackson-Davis at the end of the game

For the second time in as many years, Rutgers point guard Paul Mulcahy made a dirty play against Indiana in Bloomington.

Immediately after what appeared to be a game clinching defensive rebound by Trayce Jackson-Davis on Tuesday evening, Mulcahy tripped the All-American as he attempted to advance the ball to the IU end of the court.

It happened with 30.6 seconds remaining and Indiana leading 63-56.  Mulcahy made no attempt to go for the basketball and instead attempted to subtly stick his foot out to trip Jackson-Davis.  The maneuver caused Jackson-Davis’ shoe to come off.

The incident immediately drew the ire of both Jackson-Davis and Miller Kopp, who saw what Mulcahy did and immediately went over to the officials.  Nothing was called on Mulcahy during the game, but multiple television angles picked up the incident.


This isn’t the first time Mulcahy has had a late game issue in Bloomington.  Last year he was ejected from the game at IU with less than a minute remaining after he appeared to throw a punch at Xavier Johnson.  At the time Rutgers had a 3-point lead, and it allowed Indiana to tie the game.

The Rutgers point guard appears to have deleted his social media accounts last night.  He won the Big Ten Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for Rutgers following the 2020-21 season.

Mulcahy had just two points to go with three turnovers as Indiana snapped a six-game losing streak to Rutgers on Tuesday with a 66-60 win.

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