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Q&A with latest IU basketball offer recipient — 2022 4-star forward Kyle Filipowski

Indiana offered class of 2022 4-star forward Kyle Filipowski this week.

Filipowski is a 6-foot-10 forward from Massachusetts.

The Daily Hoosier caught up with Filipowski on Wednesday to discuss the offer, his recruitment, and much more.

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TDH:  Tell us about how the offer from Indiana went down.

Filipowski:  It was a Zoom call with the entire staff.  They did a presentation that Coach Woodson presented to me, and it was a fairly long meeting.  It was more than just an offer, than were trying to show me what Indiana hoops is all about, and how they are going about things, and what they are looking for in me.

TDH:  Was that the first time you had spoken to Coach Woodson, and what was your impression of his style as a recruiter?

Filipowski:  Yes, it was the first time.  I was actually really impressed.  I know that he has been in the NBA for a very long time, and that is where he gets all of his experience, so he hasn’t really had much college recruiting.  But just how he seems like he is really big on developing a relationship with the players and families and having that family-type of environment, and just growing together overall with both academics and athletics.  He emphasized that was really important for him and his players, so I really liked how he approached some of the topics and he has his values straight.

TDH:  Being an East Coast guy, is Mike Woodson a name that you knew growing up?

Filipowski:  Yep.  I’ve been aware of where he has coached in the NBA, and particularly with the Knicks, so I’ve been well aware of who he is and his reputation.

TDH:  Who has been your main point of contact from an assistant coach standpoint?

Filipowski:  Dane Fife.  He was recruiting me at Michigan State, so he just picked up where he left off.

TDH:  When we spoke a year ago you said Indiana was in contact.  Did that continue throughout this entire time?

Filipowski:  It kind of tailed off.  Indiana was somewhat involved with me last year with Coach Miller, and Coach Flint before he went to Kentucky, and Coach Roberts before he left for Cincinnati.  So I stayed in contact here and there with them, but it wasn’t really anything too significant.

TDH:  After only playing five high school games due to the pandemic, what were you able to get done over the last year to have yourself so ready to jump in this spring and stand out?

Filipowski:  Really I was just focused on things that I needed to improve.  One being my body, how my strength and conditioning is, so I spent a lot of time in the weight room, eating right, and being physically prepared for this spring.  Also, just a lot of mental strength too, just trying to keep getting a lot of reps in the gym just to have things stick in my mind and have it come more natural for me.

(Note:  Fillipowski said he is now 6-foot-10 and 230 pounds)

TDH:  Who are the schools that have been recruiting you the hardest to this point.

Filipowski:  UCLA, Iowa and Ohio State have been recruiting me the hardest, but I haven’t gone on any visits yet or anything like that so I’m just leaving all of my options open.

TDH:  Have you scheduled any visits yet?

Filipowski:  I have an unofficial visit scheduled for Syracuse for the first weekend in June, Ohio State official visit the second weekend in June, and an unofficial to UConn later in the month in June.  Nothing is certain yet but I’m trying to take a couple more official visits to Iowa and UCLA.  Not too sure yet what is going to happen with Indiana, but we’re trying to get something in the works for them.

(Note:  The NCAA is allowing in person visits again beginning on June 1)

TDH:  What are the key things that you are looking for in a college?

Filipowski:  Obviously I want to go to college for four years and get my degree, so that is definitely a priority to me.  Also one of my dreams is to win a national championship, so playing at the highest level for basketball, being on the biggest stage, just getting those goals athletically, winning a conference championship, winning a national championship, so being with one of those high end contenders is definitely something I am looking for.  Also, just having that family environment.  I want coach and teammate relationships where they will last the rest of my life, and I really develop those relationships and the school feels like another home for me.

TDH:  Is geography going to have any relevance to your decision?

Filipowski:  I really don’t have any preferences for geography right now.  I’m sure I will get a better sense of what areas are like after I take some visits, but as of right now everything is all open to me.

TDH:  Do you have a rough sense sense for a commitment timeline yet?

Filipowski:  I am not really trying to have an exact day or anything like that.  The fall could be a time for me to commit, I kind of want to before the winter season comes around, but also I don’t want to rush things and put myself somewhere where my heart is not really into it.  So really it is just when my heart feels like the time is right, that’s when I’ll do it.

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