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Post-visit Q&A with with 2023 IU basketball recruiting target Arrinten Page

Class of 2023 top-50 forward/center Arrinten Page wrapped-up his official visit to Indiana on Friday and returned to Georgia.

The 6-foot-9 Page arrived on Wednesday evening with his family, with the main part of his visit taking place on Thursday.

Led by assistant coach Yasir Rosemond, Indiana was one of the first high-majors to seriously get involved with the Marietta, Ga. (Wheeler H.S.) product when they offered Page a scholarship in early April.  Since then they’ve consistently been one of the top schools involved in his recruitment, along with USC, Cincinnati, Missouri and Miami (Fla.).  Page previously visited USC, Cincinnati and Missouri.

The Bloomington visit appears to have reinforced IU as a top-contender in Page’s recruitment.  Here is our quick post-visit Q&A.

TDH:  What is standing out to you as you reflect on your time in Bloomington?

Page:  I feel like the community (of Bloomington, IU) is all one.  Not just the sports team, but it’s not split in half like some places.  I walked around the town, and all you see is Indiana Hoosiers.  (Page said he also liked the small-town vibe of Bloomington).

TDH:  Tell me about the coaching staff.  What was your impression of them?

Page:  Coach Woodson, Coach Ya (Yasir Rosemond), those are two good dudes.  Very good people.  Coach Woodson, he’s a down-to-earth guy. He’s been in the NBA, but you’d never be able to tell because he is so real. And not just the staff but I got to meet some of the guys on the team, and they are just really a family based team.  I knew some of the players before I came too.

TDH:  Who were the players on the team that you already knew?

Page:  I’ve played against Kaleb Banks, and Jalen Hood-Schifino, and I played with Malik Reneau.

TDH:  Did you spend time watching film with the staff?  What was your reaction to that?

Page:  Yes, they showed me how they can use my versatility, how I fit with their playing style, and how they develop their players.

TDH:  Are they saying they see you as more of a four or a five right now?

Page:  I think as a four.

TDH:  Did you watch any workouts or practices?  Did anything stand out about that?

Page:  They just did a warm-up and they did a scrimmage.  I like how Coach Woodson was enforcing that they move the ball and stuff like that.  He was very involved.

TDH:  Anything about the campus, or facilities stand out to you?

Page:  The locker rooms were nice.  It was all nice, but everyone is going to have everything you can think of, so I really wasn’t focused too much on that to be honest.  It’s all about the people really.

TDH:  After spending a couple days there, is Indiana still a place where you can see yourself?

Page:  Definitely.

TDH:  Are you and your family comfortable with going to school relatively far away from home?

Page:  Yeah, it’s just an hour flight, so it really wouldn’t be too far.

(Note:  None of the schools Page is focused on are an easy drive from his Atlanta area home.)

TDH:  Do you have any other visits set up right now?

Page:  I have Miami (Fla.) at the end of August.

TDH:  When would you like to be done with your recruitment and make a decision?  

Page:   I don’t know yet, but I think I’m going to cut my list down soon, maybe after the Miami visit.

TDH:  Do you anticipate Indiana being on that list of final schools?

Page:  Yes, I believe so.

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