Notes From Archie Miller’s Radio Show as Indiana Prepares for Penn State

Indiana head coach Archie Miller joined Don Fischer on their “Inside IU Basketball” radio show on Monday night.

Freshman guard Armaan Franklin joined during the final segment.  You can watch that segment in the video below.  IU Athletics experienced technical difficulties with the full live stream but the highlights from the show are noted below.

All remarks below are paraphrased and attributed to Indiana head coach Archie Miller:


  • Got off to a great start against Michigan State.  In terms of starting the game, IU set the tone
  • Guys did an unbelievable job of hanging tough and playing smart basketball
  • Executing the best they had all season in terms of don’t turn the ball over and let’s make sure we get a quality look every time down including end of half and end of game
  • Defensively they were able to solve MSU’s ability to get and make open threes
  • Got multiple efforts on the boards where they were able to get second shots
  • Defensively really competed, played hard, weren’t perfect, found ways to get stops when they needed to
  • Biggest win of the season, a win that will go a long way down the stretch
  • Race Thompson had an unbelievable run of minutes on both ends of the floor.  Hard plays around the rim, rebounding, finishing in transition.  He was a huge boost in being able to establish playing hard and long with different guys.


  • Maryland set the tone.  Thought they were going to have to change the net after the first four minutes.
  • IU was on its heels defensively the entire game with their spread offense and dribble penetration.  Could not establish that they could contain the dribble.
  • Even with an eight point lead they couldn’t find a way to establish sound confident defense.
  • Weren’t smart and sound enough to close out the game.
  • Offense was good enough to beat Maryland.
  • Two turnovers on the first two plays of the game, and one turnover against the press.  In between didn’t really turn it over at all.
  • If you had told him 22 assists, 6 turnovers, 76 points before the game he would have told you we are winning this one.
  • Played like a confident team on offense.  Multiple guys stepped up.


  • Viewed Maryland and Michigan State as two heavyweights in the league.
  • Big home stretch in terms of taking care of the ball.  Have struggled on the road to take care of the ball.
  • Have to take the next step in communication and be smarter and sounder and save around eight points a game defensively.
  • Early playing time for all eleven players has contributed to a strong bench.  Younger and new guys have exceeded expectations.
  • Returning guys are all better, Durham, Green, Smith, Davis all cited.
  • You are who you are, your record is it what it is, but they have really improved in January.  Can you now be even better each week?  The month of February is going to be a grueling, brutal stretch.
  • Race Thompson probably won’t be available on Wednesday.


  • Street fight, one of the hardest games, very similar to Rutgers with the way they can pressure you and disrupt.
  • Lamar Stevens, it doesn’t matter who you put on him, whether big or small.  An ultimate competitor in the league.  Thought Justin Smith played Stevens as well as anyone last year.
  • Jerome Hunter likely to see plenty of action.
  • Myreon Jones has changed the complexion of Penn State.  When he is scoring that gives them a real lethal outside threat.
  • Mike Watkins is playing career best basketball, the biggest and best rim protector in the league.
  • PSU plays extremely hard and gritty.  They play with an edge defensively, especially at home.
  • Road win against Michigan and home win against Ohio State were two big wins.
  • They’ve got experience and quickness on defense.
  • Believes teams having a week to prepare for IU might be overrated.  So much about your players is playing in rhythm.

Credit – IU Athletics

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