Kent State coach Rob Senderoff declines to discuss his time at Indiana

Rob Senderoff was asked publicly on Thursday about his time at Indiana that ended with his resignation related to NCAA recruiting violations 16 years ago.

But the former assistant coach at IU under Kelvin Sampson didn’t have much to say about his brief 17 month stay in Bloomington.

Senderoff was hired by Sampson in May of 2006.  After rules violations related to impermissible phone calls involving him and Sampson surfaced, he reached a settlement with IU a couple weeks later and resigned in October of 2007.

Now the head coach of Kent State, Indiana’s opponent on Friday evening, Senderoff was asked why he broke rules while working at Indiana.

“I’m happy to answer that, maybe at another time,” Senderoff said on Thursday in Albany.

“I really think that the NCAA Tournament, it’s about the three guys that were up here from Kent State, those players and their stories.  The kids from from IU that have tremendous stories as well and have been through whatever they’ve been through throughout their careers.  I feel like that’s what the tournament is about.

“It’s not about Rob Senderoff or what happened 20 years ago, as much as it’s about (Kent State guard) Sincere Carry and how he made it to this point.  And how Jalen Hood-Schifino has developed as a player this year.  Respectfully, I’d be happy to talk to you about it at another time.  But wasting that time on me is not where I want to go today.”

As a result of an internal investigation that led to Senderoff’s resignation, Indiana gave up one basketball scholarship in 2008-09, and Sampson forfeited a pay raise. Also, Senderoff gave up a scheduled pay raise and was banned from calling recruits and making off-campus recruiting visits for one year.  Senderoff resigned soon thereafter.

Ultimately, Sampson resigned later during the 2007-08 season, and Indiana was placed on probation by the NCAA for three years.

The Hoosiers went 28-66 overall and 8-46 in the Big Ten for the three seasons following Sampson’s tenure.

Indiana and Kent State play at around 9:55 p.m. on Friday evening in Albany, N.Y.

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