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IU football: Week three and season-to-date noteworthy PFF grades

As we do each week, below we share some of the noteworthy IU football performers from football grading service PFF.

Three weeks into the season, the PFF data supports the shift we are seeing at the running back position, as Josh Henderson has moved into a committee with Shaun Shivers according to head coach Tom Allen.

On the defensive side of the ball, linebacker Cam Jones is putting together an All-Big Ten caliber season through the first quarter of the campaign.

Here’s a recap of the leaders and laggards both in week three and season-to-date.


Running back Josh Henderson was the highest graded offensive player.  Of players who saw significant snaps, linebacker Cam Jones was the highest graded defensive player.

Offensive lineman Kahlil Benson seems to be winning the right guard position.  He held a 2-to-1 edge over Tim Weaver in snaps, and Benson was the highest graded offensive lineman in run blocking and second highest in pass blocking behind Luke Haggard.

Although Indiana likes to rotate receivers, Cam Camper played on all but one snap in the game.  Wideout Donaven McCulley was in on 27 of 95 snaps, and he earned the top receiver grade on the team.

Husky Noah Pierre had the best pass rush and tackling grade on the defense, but his run defense grade was the second worst on the team.

In pass coverage, cornerback Tiawan Mullen had the best grade, with outside linebacker Myles Jackson right behind him.

Although he only played 12 snaps, it is worth noting freshman defensive tackle Nick James actually earned the best overall defensive grade, fueled by his ability to put pressure on the quarterback.  We’ll see if his playing time continues to increase.

Backup linebacker Jared Casey seemed to make several mistakes over the course of the game, especially with run fits, and he ended up with the worst overall defensive grade on the team.


Of quarterbacks with at least 90 drop backs, Connor Bazelak ranks No. 48 in the country among FBS quarterbacks when it comes to passing grades

Cam Camper ranks No. 38 nationally among receivers with at least 28 targets.

Luke Haggard is No. 44 in pass blocking nationally among all offensive linemen with at least 97 pass blocking snaps.  Kahlil Benson has the best run block grade on the team for the season.

Cam Jones’ overall defensive grade is best on the team and places him at No. 17 nationally among all defenders with at least 163 snaps.  His run defense grade is also best on the team and No. 5 in the country among all defenders with at least 74 run defense snaps.  He still hasn’t missed a tackle all year on run defense.

Cornerback Brylan Lanier has played on just 49 snaps but he has the best tackling grade on the team for the season.

Among players with significant coverage snaps, Noah Pierre has the best grade on the team, followed closely by Tiawan Mullen.

Among players with significant snaps, Jared Casey and Bryant Fitzgerald have the two worst overall defensive grades thus far.

Among players with significant snaps, Josh Henderson has the best overall offensive grade, followed by DJ Matthews and Luke Haggard.

Several offensive linemen (Caleb Murphy, Zach Carpenter, Parker Hanna, Mike Katic, Tim Weaver) and receiver Andison Coby make up the worst overall offensive grades.

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