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IU basketball roster notes: A look at the weight changes on the 2021-22 team

The IU basketball program officially started practicing this week, and with that the team has transitioned from a training and development focus to preparing for schematically for the 2021-22 season.

Here is a summary of the final weights listed on the 2021-22 roster, and how those numbers have moved during the respective player’s career.

We also note jersey numbers for the new players as well as one returning player who has changed his number.

(23) Trayce Jackson-Davis is listed at 245 pounds for the third year in a row.  He has been able to keep on that weight while putting himself through a much more intensive offseason program focused on stamina, something that was evident in The Bahamas.

(25) Race Thompson has been with IU since the 2017-18 season when he was on the roster at 220 pounds.  He has fluctuated since,  jumping back-and-forth from 228 to 235 each of the next four seasons.  Thompson is listed at 235 this year.

(2) Michael Durr was listed at 245 pounds as a freshman at South Florida.  He has been listed at 250 each year since including this season.  He is both the tallest and heaviest player on the team.  Durr will wear No. 2 this season.

(51) Logan Duncomb was listed at 235 pounds by IU this summer, and a pound lighter at 234 on the official 2021-22 roster.  Visually he doesn’t appear to be an individual who adds muscle mass easily, although Duncomb did deal with a shoulder injury during the summer.  Duncomb will wear No. 51 this season.

(22) Jordan Geronimo is listed five pounds heavier than he was as a freshman, jumping from 220 to 225 pounds.  And that was after Geronimo added substantial mass to get to 220 last year.  Geronimo has bulked up considerably since arriving at IU and appears to be physically ready for the Big Ten.

(12) Miller Kopp was listed at 210 pounds each of his first two years at Northwestern, then 215 as a junior.  He is now listed at 220 pounds for his first season at IU.  The extra pounds could help him play as an undersized stretch-four at times.  Kopp will wear No. 12 this season.

(0) Xavier Johnson played at 190 as a freshman at Pitt, and then 200 his sophomore and junior seasons.  He is listed once again at 200 for Indiana.  Johnson appears to be physically well-built for the Big Ten.  Johnson will wear No. 0 this season.

(1) Rob Phinisee was listed at 182 as a freshman, 190 as a sophomore, and then 187 both last year and this year.  Like Johnson, Phinisee is plenty sturdy enough for high-major basketball.  As previously noted, Phinisee has changed his jersey from No. 10 to No. 1 for his senior season.  He is the only returning player to change his number.

(4) Khristian Lander made significant strides to get up to 185 last year and he will continue to play at that weight for the 2021-22 season.

(32) Trey Galloway is listed at 200 pounds for the 2021-22 season, actually 10 pounds lighter than where he weighed in this time last year.

(3) Anthony Leal has also dropped weight, down from 210 to 205 year-over-year.

(45) Parker Stewart was listed at 200 when he arrived last year, 210 over the summer, and he has settled in at 202 for the 2021-22 campaign.  Stewart is No. 45 for the Hoosiers.

(53) Tamar Bates was described by head coach Mike Woodson as “light in the butt” when he arrived on campus.  His weight has jumped from 180 to 193 in around three months.  He looked noticeably thicker at the program’s media day on Monday even since The Bahamas trip six weeks ago.  Bates is wearing No. 53.

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