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IU Basketball Recruiting: Q&A With New Class of 2021 Commit Logan Duncomb

The Daily Hoosier caught up with new Indiana basketball class of 2021 commit Logan Duncomb to discuss a wide range of topics.

We touch on his recruitment, his fit at IU, academics, playing with fellow recruit Trey Kaufman and much more.

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TDH:  On his upbringing, growing up an Iowa fan, and impressions of Indiana as a kid.

(NOTE:  Duncomb’s father attended Iowa and was a Hawkeye fan)

Duncomb:  I lived in Iowa for two years or something like that, when I was young.  I didn’t watch much basketball on TV really.  But Devyn Marble (Iowa 2010-14) was a guy that I watched a lot.

I knew Indiana was in the Big Ten and I knew they were a big basketball school.  But I didn’t know much about the school when I was growing up.

TDH:  On his dad’s role in the recruitment.

Duncomb:  I went to him to talk about my recruiting a lot, but he didn’t push me in any way.  He just basically helped me go through the process.

TDH:  How were you able to get comfortable with Indiana without ever taking an official visit?  

(NOTE:  Duncomb visited Indiana unofficially in September and again in January for the Maryland game)

Duncomb:  I just want to point out that my unofficial (in September) was basically an official because I did everything you do on an official (including an overnight stay), it just wasn’t paid for.

TDH:  What outside of basketball caught your eye when you were on campus during those visits?

Duncomb:  All of the facilities were the best that I’ve seen at any of the schools that were recruiting me.  I thought the campus in Bloomington was beautiful, and they’ve got a really good business school which is probably what I plan on majoring in along with something else.

TDH:  You, Anthony Leal, Jordan Geronimo, Trey Galloway are all high academic performers.  Did that come up at all in the recruitment?

Duncomb:  No, but clearly I think they have that in mind for the team.  All the players are really smart.

TDH:  What did Indiana say stood out to them when they offered you last summer?

Duncomb:  I think it was mainly my hustle.  I’m not afraid to get dirty and do the little stuff and be physical.  I’ve just always kind of played like that.  I like the contact.

TDH:  Do you play angry on the court?

Duncomb:  Not angry.  I’m more mellow off the court, but on the court I just get pretty physical.  I think it’s fun.

TDH:  Did Archie Miller emphasize to you how much he values guys that play like you?

Duncomb:  He did mention that.  He said that he wants guys that are physical and hard workers and stuff like that.

Credit – Cincinnati Enquirer

TDH:  At what point did it become clear to you that Indiana was making you a priority?  How did their recruitment change when the pandemic hit?

Duncomb:  They have been making me a priority for a while, and in the last couple months especially.

They were in attendance for one of my last games (for Cincinnati Moeller High School) before corona, and they just continued to call me.  Coach Ostrom has been calling me regularly.  Phone calls, sometimes Facetime too.

TDH:  On what specifically about Indiana’s offense is appealing.

Duncomb:  Especially how they run their fast break.  They’ve always got a rim runner.  That’s one thing I’m good at.  I always run the floor.

I am comfortable with how they use their big men.  I’ve played in similar schemes my entire life so I feel like I’ll fit well at Indiana on offense.

TDH:  What about the high ball screen offense?  Are you comfortable on the perimeter?

(NOTE:  Duncomb was 3-of-7 from three-point range during his 2019-20 junior season at Moeller)

Duncomb:  I can shoot the three pretty well, I just didn’t shoot many this year because I wasn’t as confident shooting the ball and I wasn’t really needed to shoot the ball for my team.  That’s one of the things I am working on to continue to get better shooting the three.  That’s something I can utilize in college.

I’m more of a center, but I can shoot the ball.

TDH:  What kind of defense does Moeller play?  Are you comfortable hedging on high ball screens?

Duncomb:  Man-to-man, hedge, sometimes switch.  It changes game by game.  I’m pretty good at hedging.  My wingspan helps.

(NOTE:  Duncomb’s wingspan is in the 7-3 / 7-4 range)

TDH:  What did Michael Shipp tell you about Indiana that helped you get comfortable with the program?

(NOTE:  Shipp, a walk-on at IU, was a teammate of Duncomb at Moeller)

Duncomb:  I really just asked him about how he was enjoying his time playing for Indiana and how he liked the coaches.  He just said that he loves the coaches, especially all of the assistant coaches that he talks to and comes to them for help.  And he told me that he loves playing for Indiana basketball and everything else that comes with it.

TDH:  Did fellow Indiana Elite players Anthony Leal and Trey Galloway influence your decision at all?

Duncomb:  They didn’t push me, but knowing those guys were going to be at IU helped my decision.

(NOTE:  Duncomb is a year behind and had very little on the court experience with Leal and Galloway)

TDH:  What are your impressions of playing with Trey Kaufman?  Are you complimentary players on the court?

(NOTE:  Kaufman is a fellow IU class of 2021 recruit that was an AAU teammate of Duncomb last spring and summer)

Duncomb:  I do like playing with Trey Kaufman.  I feel like we play well together.  We compliment each other pretty well because he’s more of a hybrid 3/4 and I’m more of a 4/5, so we played well with each other.

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