Full Transcript: New Indiana AD Scott Dolson on Archie Miller | the State of the IU Basketball Program

New Indiana University Director of Athletics Scott Dolson spoke today about the state of the IU men’s basketball program and head coach Archie Miller.

Dolson was named IU’s next AD on Tuesday.  You can read his comments on Miller and the basketball program in their entirety below.

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Q. In terms of the men’s basketball program, you have overseen that. What have you learned about Archie Miller and the program in the three years you’ve gotten to know him? How do you define success for men’s basketball moving forward?

SCOTT DOLSON: First of all, I feel like I’ve grown up in the men’s basketball program, completely understand the expectations, the high expectations that we all should have. It’s not only important for the athletic department, the university, the state, it’s important for Hoosier Nation. I want the same thing that everybody wants. That’s critical.

Specifically with Archie, from day one I sat in the first interview with Archie with Fred in San Francisco. From that point moving forward, the thing that really has impressed me about Archie is he has a plan, he has a master plan for the program, really everything from a recruiting standpoint, from a player development standpoint, from a winning strategy.

I think a key element not just for men’s basketball but really for all of our sports is you have to have a master plan that you’re working towards, that you evaluate how things are going towards that plan.

To me I’ve been impressed with Archie with that because he doesn’t get too high, he doesn’t get too low. He really sticks to his plan. I think if you want to really be a consistent program, have consistent success, you need to have a consistent vision and work that plan. I’m really, really confident in that. That’s the thing that impressed me about Archie.

The other thing about Archie, working so closely with him, a lot of people may not know this because you just couldn’t because you’re not behind the scenes, but Archie is a really good CEO of the program. Archie obviously is a basketball person, has grown up in basketball. I’ve always been impressed since he got here with how he operates the entire program. I think that’s critical, as well. He has a good feel in all aspects.

As you know, we want a broad-based program. We want to do it all. Winning is really important. We’re not afraid to say that. That’s a key thing. At the same time we’re here to develop leaders, develop the complete package for our student-athletes. Archie believes in that, too. I really like how he’s a CEO as well in addition to what he does with the program.

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Q. I’m curious from a basketball perspective your thoughts. The season ended in a difficult way, but there were a lot of people optimistic with the direction of the program. Most people could agree this was going to be a tournament team. How do you feel about the progress that Archie has made over the last three years and how you view the future of the program going forward?

SCOTT DOLSON: I feel that we’re definitely making the right progress, the right steps in multiple ways. I feel like in building the program, as I mentioned earlier, I think Archie has a great master plan. I like the way he sticks to his plan, makes certain that he has conviction there, is not too high, too low. I feel that coming together.

I talked about the leadership within the team that I think is building. I don’t know if you heard me, but I specifically mentioned the conversation with Joey Brunk that was really kind of special to me, just made me feel really good.

At the same time from my perspective and my role that I have, will serve as athletic director, is providing the resources that we need. We’ve done several things since Archie arrived. When I say ‘resources’ I don’t always mean by that you have to out-spend people. There are times, we’ve done this, investments are really important in staff, facilities. We’ll continue to do that. But also be on the cutting edge and be really aggressive looking forward with what our future needs are going to be, how can I support as athletic director what the needs are to build a top program in the Big Ten.

I’m optimistic and I feel confident in the way Archie and I work together and behind the scenes particularly. The way he works gives me confidence. It’s hard to explain unless you’re there. I feel really, really good about the future.

I said this to the search committee, maybe I shouldn’t say this, this is how I feel. I want to be the athletic director that has the responsibility of getting the basketball program back to where we want it to be. I’m excited about it. I know we have challenges, particularly the environment we’re in, roster management is probably going to be more challenging than ever with the new transfer rules potentially coming, different aspects.

I love that and I love the challenge. I look forward to that. I’m honored to have this opportunity.

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