The Romeo Langford Recruiting Saga Ends on April 30th

Did you hear that?  Followed by what felt like an audible sigh of relief, Romeo Langford let it be known that he would announce his college decision on April 30th (Monday) at 7:00 PM at the New Albany High School gymnasium.  The seemingly never ending decision between Indiana, Kansas and Vanderbilt will finally be announced.

The news was first made public through Evan Daniels of 247 Sports.

Daniels’ tweet didn’t address the key piece of information in the minds of most people who have followed Langford’s recruitment closely — where would he announce, and would the announcement be open to the public?  That information came later in the day from Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall.

The key here is that the announcement will be open to the public.  When we predicted that Langford would attend Indiana a few weeks ago, the key underpinning of that assessment was the notion that he wouldn’t want to have a big public event in the state of Indiana to announce that he is going to Vanderbilt or Kansas.  While most people would be supportive of any decision, there would almost certainly be unfortunate negativity in the public if Indiana is not the choice.

So for us, this seals it.  If it is truly an “open to the public” event, on April 30, 2018, Romeo Langford will announce his decision to attend Indiana.  And if we are right, a new seemingly endless process will begin — the wait for the season to tip-off in November.

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Photo credit – McDAAG