Romeo Watch — Chasing Damon Bailey (Updated Dec. 11th)

Indiana basketball recruiting target Romeo Langford is on a historic journey to possibly become the all-time leading scorer in Indiana boys high school basketball history.  We’ll continue to monitor his progress along the way.  Former IU great Damon Bailey is the current all-time scoring leader at 3,134 points.  Langford appears likely to pass a couple other IU greats soon:  Alan Henderson and James Blackmon, Jr.

Below we have charted Langford’s individual game performances for the 2017-18 season, his points needed to catch Bailey, and the points per game average that Langford would need based on New Albany’s minimum games (23) if they lost their first sectional game, and maximum games (29) if they make it to the state finals.

In order to break Bailey’s all-time scoring record, Langford will need the best scoring season of his career, which would also be the 3rd best scoring season in Indiana high school basketball history.  If he scores more than 1,000 points this year he would be only the 5th player in the state to ever do that.


  1. Damon Bailey, 3,134
  2. Marion Pierce, 3,019
  3. Deshaun Thomas, 3,018
  4. Brody Boyd, 2,632
  5. Rick Mount, 2,595
  6. Trevon Bluiett, 2,568
  7. Cooper Neese, 2,496
  8. Billy Shepherd, 2,465
  9. Alan Henderson, 2,419
  10. James Blackmon, Jr., 2,387
  11. Romeo Langford, 2,255