Live Updates: IU’s Spring Football Saturday

The Daily Hoosier is live at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington for Indiana’s Spring Football Saturday

Join us for live updates throughout the day, and participate in the discussion thread below.

Refresh the page for updates before, during, and after the event and stay tuned for additional coverage of the day.

Second Quarter

END: QB Tayven Jackson gets pressured and will not get a throw off to the win it for the defense, 25-17.

Jackson will have one last chance in the red zone with :04 on the clock for the offense.

QB Tayven Jackson is pressured and sacked by DL Andre Carter, but a penalty continues the drive for the offense.

Offense fails to come away with a touchdown, still awarded 3 points while the defense get 4, 25-17 in favor of the defense.

WR Donaven McCulley with a sweet one-handed diving catch near the sideline.

McKibbin fails to convert on 3rd, Sorsby back for another drive for the offense.

QB Blaze McKibbin starts his first drive, finds RB Reece Lozano for the check down.

Field Goal: Chris Freeman slots it through the uprights after the offense fails to find the end zone. 7 points go in favor of the defense, who have the lead 21-14.

Sorsby with a beautiful deep ball finds WR Eli Jochem that puts the offense in the red zone.

LB Lanell Carr stuffs RB David Holloman at the line to bring up 3rd down for Sorsby and the offense.

Interception: DB Jamier Johnson wins the 50-50 ball in the end zone and ties it up for the defense, 14-14.

A throw to the back shoulder is broken up by DB Kobee Minor, intended for McCulley.

WR Addison Coby and TE Aaron Steinfeldt in the scrimmage for the Hoosier offense. Jackson steps out of pressure and throws a nice ball to E.J. Williams to put the offense in the red zone.

First Quarter

QB Tayven Jackson back for the offense. Starts his drive with a bullet to WR Donaven McCulley. RB Jaylin Lucas gets the quick first down after finding the edge.

Touchdown: Broc Lowry finishes off a very nice offensive drive with a throw over-the-shoulder for WR Camden Jordan. 14-7 in favor of the offense.

QB Broc Lowry starts his drive with a handoff to Bloomington native RB Reece Lozano.

Defense gets a stop after a few scrambles from Jackson. Field goal attempt by K Chris Freeman hits the upright.

Defense gets their first “sack” of the game after getting to Jackson on 3rd down. The drive will reset.

QB Tayven Jackson now under center for the offense. The drive starts off with a handoff to RB David Holloman.

Touchdown: Brendan Sorsby with a nice throw to the back shoulder of E.J. Williams.

E.J. Williams, Donaven McCulley, and Kamryn Perry to start for the Wide Receivers.

QB Brendan Sorsby is under center to start for the offense. A hand-off to RB Josh Henderson gets things going.

Pre-Scrimmage/ Fan Interaction

Allen announces there will be two full quarters of scrimmage for fans to watch. Position coaches will warm up their players and they will begin soon.

O-Line and D-line both took turns catching from the punt machine. DL Nick James the only one to succeed.

A competition for longest throw by a quarterback just wrapped up. Brendan Sorsby takes the win, but it was Josh Henderson stealing the show with a nice 55-yard cannon.

Tom Allen has begun to address the crowd.

Offensive and Defensive lines going one-on-one at the north end zone. A good amount of aggression coming from both sides in warmups.

Tayven Jackson is the first quarterback to throw in a six-on-six drill. Brendan Sorsby will follow.

No full scrimmage has started yet, but the teams has begun taking running play reps on the field, as well as throwing to wideouts. Tayven Jackson, Broc Lowry, and Brendan Sorsby are going back-to-back throwing, no clear-cut on a starter yet.

Injury Report

  • WR David Baker is not in full uniform.
  • QB Dexter Williams is out.
  • OL Matthew Bedford is out.
  • DL J’mari Monette is not in full uniform

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