LIVE BLOG and DISCUSSION THREAD: IU basketball vs. BC Mega in The Bahamas (Game One)

Follow along for updates on the action as IU basketball plays BC Mega at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Updates will appear at the top of the page.


– Final:  Indiana 79, BC Mega 66.  Very impressive, unexpected win.

– 2:17 left, IU still up by 13.  They seem to be going through the motions.  We’ll see if Mega has the rally they haven’t found to this point.

– 74-61 IU with 4:14 left.

– 70-55 IU with 7:32 left.  TJD’s physicality has been off the charts.

– Kopp just forced another timeout with another perimeter shot.  IU up 66-53 with 9:26 left.

– IU up 61-52 with 11:35 left.  Jackson-Davis leading all scorers with 17.  His game doesn’t look significantly different, but his athleticism and endurance have gone to another level, and that is obviously saying something.

– Miller Kopp with a couple impressive buckets off the dribble forces a BC Mega timeout.  IU leads 59-46 with 13:31 left.

– Indiana with the 52-42 lead at the second half under-16.  Mega had it down to five but IU responded with a 7-2 run.  Xavier Johnson started the second half and has been very good at breaking down the defense.  Definitely no injury.

– By the way the crowd is 99.9 percent IU by my unscientific measurement.  No surprise obviously.

– Xavier Johnson played just 5 minutes after starting.  I saw him change his shoes but not sure if he was injured.

– Indiana’s first half defense on the ball was very impressive.  BC Mega didn’t get anything in transition and was forced into several reversals on most possessions while ending up with the ball in the corner a lot.  Rob Phinisee was especially good on the ball.  Overall IU with a lot of deflections.

– Indiana up 41-32 at the half.  Standouts were Jackson-Davis and Bates, with 11 apiece.

– At the under-4, IU up 38-26.  Tamar Bates is as good as advertised.  He has scored at all three levels and his quickness on both ends really stands out.  Indiana shooting 50 percent from the field, Mega just 2-9 from three.

– IU 34-21 with 5:17 left.  Hoosiers 4-7 from 3-point range.

– IU up 25-16 with 8:18 left in the first.  A Tamar Bates floater through contact forced the Mega timeout and got the crowd going.

– IU up 16-11 at the under-12 timeout.  Jackson-Davis leading IU with 7.  Jordan Geronimo hit a corner three during that segment.  IU’s defense, especially on the ball has been very good.

– IU leading 9-4 at the under-16 timeout.

– A few notes:  IU picking up full-court on defense.  Their half-court defense has been very active with a lot of deflections.  Rob Phinisee was the first off the bench.


– Starters:

– You can follow the stats here:

– Game officials are Courtney Green, DJ Carstensen and Lewis Garrison.

– Official word from IU is Leal, Duncomb and Durr are “resting injuries.”  I can tell you nothing looks serious.

– Mega’s length is very noticeable.  They will have a clear size advantage, especially with Durr and Duncomb out.  And it is athletic length, at least in warm-ups.  Definitely not stiff big men.

– We appear right on time for a 7:30 ET tip.

– Indiana is wearing their practice jerseys.  They will be in white.  Mega in the pink, magenta, fuchsia or whatever you want to call it.

– A look at the facility:

– If prayer is your thing, say one for a gentlemen who collapsed as he was walking in the gym here.  Paramedics have been working on him for a while.  Very sad to see.  IU Dr. Larry Rink has been very involved.

– The BC Mega uniforms are as pink (maybe magenta?) as advertised.  I am trying to download pictures but the Wifi is spotty right now.

– As reported yesterday, Indiana will be without Logan Duncomb and Michael Durr.  New today — IU will also be without Anthony Leal.

(This thread will be updated throughout the pre-game and during the game.  Refresh for the updates).