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Indiana’s Six Game Losing Streak: The Hoosiers Have Had a Bad Case of the Runs

Something different today — we take a satirical look at the current state of IU basketball.

Yes, yes we know how that headline can be read.

Honestly, with the way things are going right now, there is truth in either way you want to interpret it.

Things have gotten nasty in Bloomington, and big blowout inducing runs have been the culprit.  The runs are a manifestation of everything that is wrong with this IU team right now, but if you had to distill it down to one word — they stink.

Indiana head coach Archie Miller said that this team was soft after IU stunk up the joint on Friday night against Michigan…so it got us thinking.

It’s been reported that Bob Knight once presented soiled toilet paper to his team to show them how he thought they were playing.

Could the former head coach finally make his much discussed return to Bloomington as a motivational speaker?  Let’s just say that it would be timely.

Come on now.

You have to find a way to loosen things up during a losing skid.

Gross metaphors and euphemisms aside (for the moment), there has been a disturbing pattern that has emerged during this six game Indiana losing streak.

The pattern of IU falling behind in games was well established early on in this season.  The Hoosiers fell behind against Louisville, Butler and in several other games that they would end up winning.  The difference between those games and now is in part that while IU would fall behind, they always managed to keep things within striking distance.

Even when trailing, Indiana had a certain confidence or swagger — a feeling that things weren’t going to get away from them.  That can be difficult to maintain in the midst of big runs.

Things have gone from the cute and cuddly cardiac kids to Code Red!

Or is it Code Brown?

Now when things get sideways, Indiana can’t seem to drop a two-pointer (a deuce?) in the ocean to save their lives.  Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves there.

Miller also said after the Michigan game that this team played scared.  Right now that fear appears to be manifesting in big knockout runs by the opposition.  While the Hoosiers always seemed to have an answer (save for Duke) early in the season, now things are going from bad to blowout in the blink of an eye.

Take a look at the runs that opponents have been able to pull off against the Hoosiers over the last six games:

  • A 20-2 start doomed IU at home against Michigan.
  • A prolonged 45-22 run by Northwestern saw the Hoosiers get Falzoned.
  • A 20-4 run spanning the first and second halves sealed the deal at Purdue
  • A 25-7 start by Nebraska put IU on their heels and they never recovered.
  • A 16-0 second half run by Maryland completely changed the game.
  • Finally, a 30-13 start at Michigan started this whole, well…mess.

Once the runs start, there is no going back.  But you already knew that.  Wink, wink.  Hopefully Coach Knight leaves behind plenty of his favorite visual aid.

Missed perimeter shots, missed free throws, defensive breakdowns.  You don’t know when it’s coming, but when it does, the problems have compounded and turned into a veritable sh*t storm.

As Miller described Michigan’s start to the game —

“Came in here and did what they want, when they wanted, how they wanted.”

Yep, that’s how it goes, isn’t it?  One way or another, Archie Miller has to find a way to close the flood gates and get this crap stopped.

There’s no doubt that playing four out of these six games on the road has contributed.  Moreover, five of the six teams are ranked in the KenPom top 22 right now.  Very few teams across the country were going to come out of this without a few stains, but Indiana has taken things to the next level.

As it stands right now, IU has flushed away a great start, and Hoosier fans are understandably down in the dumps.

Miller said on Friday night that the only way out of this metaphorical sewer is for the players and coaches to work their butts off.  I guess that only makes sense here.

If it doesn’t happen, and Miller doesn’t find the antidote, this once promising 2018-19 campaign will end up being just another season down the drain.

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