Indiana vs. Louisville — A Statistical Comparison

The Indiana Hoosiers go back on the road this Saturday to face the Louisville Cardinals at 2PM at the KFC Yum! Center.  The game will be televised on ESPN.

Below is a complete statistical profile and comparison of both teams.  All statistics are courtesy of the NCAA.

There are few noteworthy statistics:

  • Louisville is No. 1 in the country with 8.4 blocked shots per game.
  • The Cardinals are No. 26 in fouls per game.  That could be a blessing since Indiana only shoots 65.2% from the stripe, good for 296th in the country.
  • Indiana is 226th in turnovers forced and Louisville is 37th in turnovers committed, so the Cardinals might not make a lot of miscues in this one.
  • It’s strength against strength when it comes to Indiana’s field goal percentage offense (ranked 63rd) and Louisville’s field goal percentage defense (8th)
  • Louisville is solid in scoring defense (58th), scoring margin (63rd), and rebounding margin (90th).  Sounds similar to the Louisville teams we saw in 2014 and 2016.
  • The Cardinals don’t shoot a lot of 3-pointers (phew!) and they don’t get a lot of assists.
INDIANANat'l RankValueLOUISVILLENat'l RankValue
3-pt Field Goal Attempts (351 ranked)2591633-pt Field Goal Attempts (351 ranked)302147
Assist Turnover Ratio (351 ranked)971.19Assist Turnover Ratio (351 ranked)2430.93
Assists Per Game (351 ranked)17414.1Assists Per Game (351 ranked)27012.4
Blocked Shots Per Game (351 ranked)425.1Blocked Shots Per Game (351 ranked)18.4
Defensive Rebounds per Game (351 ranked)26124.11Defensive Rebounds per Game (351 ranked)2130
Fewest Fouls (351 ranked)167161Fewest Fouls (351 ranked)10111
Fewest Turnovers (351 ranked)96107Fewest Turnovers (351 ranked)3794
Field-Goal Percentage (351 ranked)6348.1Field-Goal Percentage (351 ranked)17545.2
Field-Goal Percentage Defense (351 ranked)24545.1Field-Goal Percentage Defense (351 ranked)836.6
Free Throw Attempts (351 ranked)104201Free Throw Attempts (351 ranked)307135
Free Throws Made (351 ranked)140131Free Throws Made (351 ranked)257106
Free-Throw Percentage (351 ranked)29665.2Free-Throw Percentage (351 ranked)1678.5
Offensive Rebounds Per Game (351 ranked)12711.56Offensive Rebounds Per Game (351 ranked)12511.57
Personal Fouls Per Game (351 ranked)12917.9Personal Fouls Per Game (351 ranked)2615.9
Rebound Margin (351 ranked)1372.7Rebound Margin (351 ranked)904.4
Scoring Defense (351 ranked)21673.9Scoring Defense (351 ranked)5865.4
Scoring Margin (351 ranked)2011.7Scoring Margin (351 ranked)6312.7
Scoring Offense (351 ranked)17475.6Scoring Offense (351 ranked)12178.1
Steals Per Game (351 ranked)2345.9Steals Per Game (351 ranked)1017.3
Three Pt FG Defense (351 ranked)33340.8Three Pt FG Defense (351 ranked)8731.4
Three-Point Field Goals Per Game (351 ranked)2936.1Three-Point Field Goals Per Game (351 ranked)2277
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage (351 ranked)22533.7Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage (351 ranked)24033.3
Total 3-point FGM (351 ranked)26155Total 3-point FGM (351 ranked)30249
Total Assists (351 ranked)142127Total Assists (351 ranked)32687
Total Blocks (351 ranked)3446Total Blocks (351 ranked)959
Total Rebounds (351 ranked)160321Total Rebounds (351 ranked)248291
Total Rebounds Per Game (351 ranked)20835.67Total Rebounds Per Game (351 ranked)2841.57
Total Steals (351 ranked)19553Total Steals (351 ranked)21951
Turnover Margin (342 ranked)1261.4Turnover Margin (342 ranked)1281.4
Turnovers Forced (351 ranked)22613.33Turnovers Forced (351 ranked)13014.86
Turnovers Per Game (351 ranked)5611.9Turnovers Per Game (351 ranked)16113.4
Won-Lost Percentage (345 ranked)16355.6Won-Lost Percentage (345 ranked)9471.4

Photo credit – Jeff Reinking,