Indiana Related Quotes From Nebraska Coach Tim Miles | Isaiah Roby Video

Below is a transcript of Indiana related comments from Nebraska head coach Tim Miles after a 66-51 win over the Hoosiers on Monday night.

Indiana fell to 12-5 on the season overall and 3-3 in Big Ten play.

What was working defensively tonight?

TIM MILES: I thought we did a good job getting to Romeo and Juwan, first of all. Making them play in a crowd. I thought we had to switch defenses on and off. Coach Miller can really get you carved up when they get in a rhythm. We kept them out of transition for the most part. Getting off to an early lead was probably most important. Getting the crowd out of the game. The way you win big road games, you play from the front, and just hang on. We were able to stretch a little bit today. I thought our guys did a very good job with the game plan from the get go.

How do you feel like you guys handled not scoring for eight minutes?

TIM MILES: You could see it affected us. At halftime I said, ‘you know, it’s okay to win with defense’. We got off to such a hot start, there is a return to the mean. I think the turnovers bothered me more than the missed open shots. A couple of bad shots we can do on occasion. At the same time, I thought the guys handled it okay. I don’t know if there is a crisis of confidence with our guys, but this sure is a confidence builder.

Indiana has Romeo and Juwan, but you look outside of them there isn’t much perimeter shooting, so how much did that effect your defensive game plan and how you guarded those two?

TIM MILES: I think there are capable guys out there. But they are young. You look at guys and when you haven’t quite proven it on the big stage yet sometimes it’s just not there. There is a lot of threats on that floor.

What was the locker room like after the game?

TIM MILES: They were great.  They were happy.  I think maybe relieved to get a road win after being so close a couple times.  And I don’t care who you are when you’ve been there and thought you were in control and ready to win and didn’t happen and didn’t happen again  it kind of gets on you.  So to be able keep Indiana at arm’s length and win in those sort of environment, one of the best environments in the country and to be able to win against a high quality well coached team is a feather in our cap.

You were switching one through four, what went into that decision to employ that?

TIM MILES: It depends on how we feel on the glass and in the post. It’s based off if we need to double or not. If we switch this do we have to double it, or how far down do we go in the game plan. I felt like if we were going to switch, we just needed to make sure to keep Justin (Smith) off the glass. I thought we did okay with that.

Is this your best defensive performance of the season tonight?

TIM MILES:  I felt very strong about it.  To come in and be able to hold them in the 50’s is a great achievement for us, so it was really good.


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