Indiana Basketball Recruiting: Several Updates on Jahmius Ramsey

Most high level college basketball recruitments seem to have a certain level of mystery and intrigue, but class of 2019 guard Jahmius Ramsey’s has to be near the top in that regard.  Over the summer he had adamantly indicated that he was waiting for the spring to commit, without providing much in the way of his thought process behind that.  Fair enough.

Several weeks ago Ramsey released a  “remaining 10 list” that seemed to suggest that he was narrowing his potential landing spots and perhaps accelerating the process.  Not much later, word came of five official visits, including a Hoosier Hysteria trip next weekend.

A flurry of news this week seems to clarify the path forward — and suggests this isn’t likely to last until the spring after all.  Unfortunately, it also seems to suggest that he won’t be a Hoosier.

The first bit of news came earlier in the week from 247Sports’ Jerry Meyer.  While we are loathe to report on so-called “Crystal Ball” projections, this one might actually be on to something.  On its own, this wasn’t really newsworthy and we didn’t report on it.

Earlier today came news that Ramsey was transferring from Oak Hill Academy to Duncanville High School — in Texas.  Of course this is interesting because of the Texas Tech speculation, but it is also interesting because Ramsey had just transferred from IMG Academy (in Florida) to Oak Hill (in Virginia).  Ramsey actually grew up in Texas and is now coming back full circle — in a relatively short period of time.

None of this should be interpreted as casting aspersions — it is what it is.  As we learned in Brandon Newman’s case, sometimes there is a larger story going on behind the scenes.  Whatever is best for Ramsey and his family is the right answer here.

But wait, there’s more!

Given the return to Texas and the last bit of news that came out today, it could just be that Ramsey has accelerated the process and reached a decision.

That final bit of news is the worst part of IU fans.

Later today, 247Sports reported via Twitter that the Ramsey official visit to IU next weekend has been postponed.  Will it ever happen?  At this point, it seems unlikely.  All signs seem to be pointing to Lubbock, Texas.  But Ramsey has fooled us before — and he does things in his own unique way.  Stay tuned.

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