Indiana Basketball: Predicting Every Game of the 2018-19 Season

Indiana opens the 2018-19 men’s basketball season at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday on BTN.

We could do an in depth analysis of IU’s first opponent Chicago State.  Yes, we could do that.  We doubt that you would really want to know that much about the No. 344 (out of 353) team in the country according to the KenPom rankings.  For games like this, you are likely much more interested in your first opportunity to see what IU is all about rather than the opponent.

If you know nothing about Chicago State, here is what you need to know about the Cougars in just a few sentences.  First, a few scores from last year’s 3-29 season for context:

  • Purdue 111, Chicago State 42
  • Notre Dame 105, Chicago State 66
  • Northwestern 96, Chicago State 31

There’s that, and then the fact that Chicago State’s new head coach has been on the job for just three months and the Cougars lost their top four scorers from last year.  New coach Lance Irvin is well respected, but with so little time and so little talent, this should quite clearly be the worst team IU faces all season.


While talking about Chicago State isn’t real interesting, making predictions is always fun.

The 2018-19 season is one of the most anticipated for IU basketball in recent memory, and we believe it will be a major improvement over Archie Miller’s first season in Bloomington.  With a young team, it won’t be seamless, but the Hoosiers should give IU fans the kind of season that they expect.

Here are our predictions for every game this  year:

Date Opponent Result Overall Big Ten
11/6/2018 vs. Chicago State W 1-0
11/9/2018 vs. Montana State W 2-0
11/14/2018 vs. Marquette W 3-0
11/18/2018 at Arkansas W 4-0
11/20/2018 vs. UT Arlington W 5-0
11/23/2018 vs. UC Davis W 6-0
11/27/2018 at Duke L 6-1
12/1/2018 vs. Northwestern W 7-1 1-0
12/4/2018 at Penn State L 7-2 1-1
12/8/2018 vs. Louisville W 8-2
12/15/2018 vs. Butler W 9-2
12/19/2018 vs. Central Arkansas W 10-2
12/22/2018 vs. Jacksonville W 11-2
1/3/2018 vs. Illinois W 12-2 2-1
1/6/2018 at Michigan L 12-3 2-2
1/11/2018 at Maryland L 12-4 2-3
1/14/2018 vs. Nebraska W 13-4 3-3
1/19/2018 at Purdue W 14-4 4-3
1/22/2018 at Northwestern W 15-4 5-3
1/25/2018 vs. Michigan W 16-4 6-3
1/30/2018 at Rutgers W 17-4 7-3
2/2/2018 at Michigan State L 17-5 7-4
2/7/2018 vs. Iowa W 18-5 8-4
2/10/2018 vs. Ohio State W 19-5 9-4
2/16/2018 at Minnesota L 19-6 9-5
2/19/2018 vs. Purdue W 20-6 10-5
2/22/2018 at Iowa L 20-7 10-6
2/26/2018 vs. Wisconsin L 20-8 10-7
3/2/2018 vs. Michigan State W 21-8 11-7
3/7/2018 at Illinois W 22-8 12-7
3/10/2018 vs. Rutgers W 23-8 13-7

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