Hoosiers in the NBA: 2018-19 Stats Through December

The 2018-19 NBA season is now well underway, and eight former IU basketball stars are back at it.  We will be monitoring their seasons with monthly updates.

Below we summarize their year to date performance through the end of December.

OG Anunoby – Toronto

Anunoby is primarily coming off the bench but that hasn’t significantly impacted his minutes per game thus far.  He had a 21 point game in a contest he started on Dec. 21, but so far has yet to have a substantial break-out in year number two.  His free throw shooting has gotten to the point of just being bizarre.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 32/5

MPG – 20.9 (career high)
Points – 7.8 (career high)
Rebounds – 3.1 (career high)
Assists – .7 (ties career high)
Blocks – .3 (career high)
Steals – .6
FG% – .443
3FG% – .336
FT% – .321

Thomas Bryant – Washington

Photo of Thomas Bryant

Bryant truly had a breakout December, including a game that saw him threatening all-time NBA records.  With the injury to Dwight Howard, Bryant has taken full advantage, starting all month and posting eye-popping shooting percentages from the field.  Bryant appears to have made himself a fixture in the league.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 27/21

MPG – 16.8 (career high)
Points – 8.1 (career high)
Rebounds – 4.7 (career high)
Assists – .9 (career high)
Blocks – .7 (career high)
Steals – .3 (career high)
FG% – .657 (career high)
3FG% – .250 (career high)
FT% – .837 (career high)

Yogi Ferrell – Sacramento

When he has gotten the chance, Ferrell has produced.  The third year guard put up 17 and 16 point games in December when he played 16 and 24 minutes, respectively.  You know how this story goes.  Eventually an opportunity will present itself, and Ferrell will be a pleasant “surprise.”

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 26/2

MPG – 12.5
Points – 5.5
Rebounds – 1.3
Assists – 1.6
Blocks – .1
Steals – .3
FG% – .421
3FG% – .333
FT% – .923 (career high)

Eric Gordon – Houston

Gordon started most of the month of December and is playing the most minutes per game since 2012.  Houston has won nine of ten with Gordon starting.  He got off to a very slow start this season, but his shooting has been improved over the last two months.  Gordon is averaging just under 20 points per game over his last five contests.  He missed the last game of the month with a knee bruise.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 32/18

MPG – 33.2
Points – 15.7
Rebounds – 2.4
Assists – 2.2
Blocks – .4 (ties career high)
Steals – .5
FG% – .381
3FG% – .303
FT% – .778

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Victor Oladipo – Indiana

Photo of Victor Oladipo

Oladipo has returned from injury and has blended back in with the red hot Pacers.  While his scoring is down, Oladipo has been contributing in other ways with career highs in rebounds and assists, and he continues to be one of the league’s top defenders.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 26/26
Points – 19.6
Rebounds – 6.3 (career high)
Assists – 5.5 (career high)
Blocks – .4
Steals – 1.8
FG% – .430
3FG% – .350
FT% – .734

Noah Vonleh – New York

Photo of Noah Vonleh

The 23 year old Vonleh continued to build on his breakout season in New York.  He continues to start, and is playing nearly 10 more minutes per game than he has in any other season in his five year career.  Vonleh drew praise for his Christmas Day defensive performance against Milwaukee Bucks star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 37/30

MPG – 26.9 (career high)
Points – 8.7 (career high)
Rebounds – 8.6 (career high)
Assists – 2.1 (career high)
Blocks – 1.0 (career high)
Steals – .7 (career high)
FG% – .475
3FG% – .408 (career high)
FT% – .733

Troy Williams – Sacramento

The journey continues for Williams.  Despite logging some good minutes in Sacramento, he struggled with his shot in December and has been playing with Stockton in the G-League in recent weeks.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 18/0

MPG – 15.9
Points – 5.7
Rebounds – 3.1 (career high)
Assists – .6
Blocks – .4 (career high)
Steals – .6
FG% – .460
3FG% – .341 (career high)
FT% – .600

Cody Zeller – Charlotte

Zeller has been locked in as the starter in year six and appeared to be getting stronger as the season progressed.  Unfortunately, he fractured his right hand last night, with his timeline for returning uncertain.  He has seemed to be an improving perimeter shooter, and has already hit his most three-pointers in a season.  Zeller posted two double/doubles on the month, including a 21 point, 13 rebound performance against New York.

2018-19 YTD Stats:

Games/Games Started – 35/35

MPG – 24.5
Points – 9.3
Rebounds – 6.2
Assists – 2.1 (career high)
Blocks – .8
Steals – .7
FG% – .558
3FG% – .313
FT% – .842 (career high)

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