Back Home Again in Indiana: Cody Zeller Having Fun in the Hoosier State

They say you can’t go home again.

Perhaps a better way to say it is that you could go home again — but do you really want to?

Former Indiana University basketball star Cody Zeller is back in his hometown of Washington, Ind. this week and it has apparently been eye opening for the NBA veteran.

Zeller, who signed a 4-year, $56 million contract extension in 2016 has likely grown accustomed to a slightly different lifestyle than what he knew in Washington growing up.

The 7-foot-0 big man just finished his sixth season in Charlotte and decided to visit family and see what was going on in southern Indiana.

Things got off to a rough start.

Photo via @CodyZeller on Twitter

If Zeller was anticipating a relaxing time with friends and family, that idea abruptly came to an end in the kitchen when he bumped into dad.

Ready to take a break from working in the yard, what better time to binge on a Netflix series?

You aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

Click your heels three times — there’s no place like home.

Not to worry.  No problem.  Time to hop in the car and go to something called a video store.

With no Netflix, the traffic getting in and out of the video store place can get tricky.  But not to worry, the enterprising planners in Washington have a solution for that traffic, should it appear.

No reason to look left.  Just roll on through.


The work is done.  The potential traffic has been navigated.  A stack of VHS tapes in hand.

This. Is. Living.

The only thing missing is some pizza.  Either that, or some duck.  It’s the next best thing really.

Apparently Zeller’s hometown struggles extended to the technology limitations at mom and dad’s house.

With Family Video still running the show, no reason to update to a DVR or whatever those crazy kids are using these days.

Redbox caught on to Zeller’s antics, but even they weren’t quite prepared to help with the challenges in Washington.

Of course none of this is likely as it seems.  Zeller is well-known to have a good sense of humor on social media and he was likely just having some fun with his return home, as are we.

Welcome home Cody.  You truly can come home, and there is no place like it.

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